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First things first
Welcome to the first lesson of our journey to becoming a superleader of youth exchanges. In this lesson, we will explore the foundational concept of youth exchanges. You'll gain a clear understanding of what youth exchanges are, their goals and benefits, and how they stand out from other types of educational travel. By the end of this lesson, you'll have a solid grasp of why youth exchanges are such powerful experiences for young people and communities alike.
Being a group leader 101
About Lesson

During the project, the group leader’s main task is to support the participants so that the experience is as positive for them as possible. This means acting as a mentor, and supporting the group may mean:

  • Being aware of any signs of difficulty of participants and talking to the person concerned, involving the organizers if necessary;
  • Helping others integrate into the intercultural group of participants, avoiding grouping only with participants from the same country;
  • Help participants with some language difficulties: a base of English is required for all, but if any participant has difficulty in comprehension and expression it is the leader’s job to help them.
  • Ensure that the group participates in all activities, and that participants do not arrive late for appointments.
  • Act as mediators in case conflicts/misunderstandings occur between participants and inform the organizers if necessary.