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First things first
Welcome to the first lesson of our journey to becoming a superleader of youth exchanges. In this lesson, we will explore the foundational concept of youth exchanges. You'll gain a clear understanding of what youth exchanges are, their goals and benefits, and how they stand out from other types of educational travel. By the end of this lesson, you'll have a solid grasp of why youth exchanges are such powerful experiences for young people and communities alike.
Being a group leader 101
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Once selected, the next step for all participants is to plan the travel itinerary.

Participants are responsible for purchasing their own tickets (plane, train, bus), but before any purchase is made, it is essential to have the approval of the sending organization. For this reason, a good practice is for participants (leader included) to look for travel itineraries and then for the leader to communicate the itineraries to the organization so that they receive approval.

If any participant has difficulty finding itineraries for their trip or has never done so, it is the leader’s job to support them, and to contact the organizers if there are difficulties they cannot solve.