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Collaborating on a Padlet Board (10 minutes)
FAQs about using Padlet
Padlet: An Online tool to help Organisations organise and plan
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To give you a better understanding of how Padlet can be used in different contexts, we will provide some examples of Padlet boards and how they can be adapted for different purposes. These examples will include boards for brainstorming, note-taking, project management, event planning, and education.

Padlet can be a great tool for storytelling because it allows you to combine different types of media, such as text, images, videos, and audio, in an interactive and visual way. Here are some ways you can use Padlet for storytelling:

  1. Digital storytelling board: Create a digital storytelling board on Padlet where you can share your story with others. You can use different sections or columns to organise different parts of the story, such as characters, plot, setting, or theme. You can also add multimedia elements to enrich your story, such as images, videos, or audio recordings.
  2. Collaborative storytelling: Use Padlet to collaborate with others in creating a story. You can invite other participants to add their own ideas, characters, or plot twists to the story, or take turns adding different parts of the story on the same board.
  3. Storyboard: Use Padlet as a storyboard for planning and organising your story. You can use different sticky notes, images, or videos to represent different scenes or events in the story, and arrange them in a logical order.
  4. Character development: Use Padlet to develop and flesh out your story’s characters. You can create different sections for different characters, and add information about their background, personality, motivation, and relationships.
  5. Story analysis: Use Padlet to analyse and deconstruct a story. You can create different sections to analyse different aspects of the story, such as plot, characters, themes, or symbolism. You can also use multimedia elements to illustrate your analysis, such as images, videos, or audio recordings.

Overall, Padlet can be a versatile and creative platform for storytelling, whether you are creating a story on your own or collaborating with others. It allows you to combine different types of media in an interactive and visual way, and can help you to organise and develop your story more effectively.