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Team Volunteering in High Priority Areas
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What is European Solidarity Corps?
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ESC stands for European Solidarity Corps, a European programme formerly known as European Voluntary Service, fka EVS.

The EVS programme was previously included in Key Action 1 within the Erasmus+ programme (join our Erasmus for Beginners course to learn more about that programme), but in 2017 it was established as an independent programme under the name European Solidarity Corps, thus signalling the importance that the European Commission wants to give to this programme.

The European Solidarity Corps brings together young people to build a more inclusive society, supporting vulnerable people and responding to societal and humanitarian challenges. It offers an inspiring and empowering experience for young people who want to help, learn and develop and provides a single entry point for such solidarity activities throughout the Union and beyond.

The general objective of the Programme is to enhance the engagement of young people and organisations in accessible and high-quality solidarity activities, primarily volunteering, as a means to strengthen cohesion, solidarity, democracy, European identity and active citizenship in the Union and beyond, addressing societal and humanitarian challenges on the ground, with a particular focus on the promotion of sustainable development, social inclusion and equal opportunities.

The specific objective of the Programme is to provide young people, including young people with fewer opportunities, with easily accessible opportunities for engagement in solidarity activities that induce positive societal changes in the Union and beyond, while improving and properly validating their competences, as well as facilitating their continuous engagement as active citizens.