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Team Volunteering in High Priority Areas
In this video you will find a visual summary of what was explained in the previous lessons.
What is European Solidarity Corps?
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Team volunteering

Volunteering teams are solidarity activities that allow teams of participants (between a number of 10 to 40) coming from at least two different countries to volunteer together for a short period of time. Such solidarity activities could especially contribute to the inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities in the European Solidarity Corps. The composition of the volunteering teams must be international; at least a quarter of the volunteers must come from a country other than the one where the activity takes place. 

Complementary activities

These are relevant side activities designed to add value and enhance the results of the project, as well as to reinforce its impact at local, regional or European level. These ancillary activities aim to raise awareness of the value of volunteering for young people and communities, as well as to reinforce the recognition of the skills and competences acquired by volunteers.

Preparatory visit

These are visits to the site of volunteering activities prior to their start. They should ensure the high quality of activities involving young people with fewer opportunities or where the visit is necessary for the implementation of an activity with a strong inclusion dimension. The visit can focus on facilitating and preparing administrative issues, building trust and understanding and creating a strong partnership between the organisations and individuals involved. Young people with fewer opportunities who will be involved in the planned activities can be part of the visit, in order to help them with the preparation and involve them in the design of the activities so that their needs are taken into account from the beginning.