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Team Volunteering in High Priority Areas
In this video you will find a visual summary of what was explained in the previous lessons.
What is European Solidarity Corps?
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Before you can apply (planification) to carry out a Solidarity Project in your community you must:

  • Have created a group of at least 5 people who will be involved in the development of the project.
  • Have registered all the members of the group in the ESC Portal.
  • Have an organisation ID (OID) – one member of the group takes the role of ‘group leader’ and registers for an OID, by creating an account with the European Commission.

Once the Solidarity Project has been approved, the preparation of the activities and their implementation will begin, and the monitoring and evaluation of the activities carried out will also begin.

At the end of the project, it will be necessary to present a final report in which an evaluation of the activities carried out and the degree of achievement of the proposed objectives will be made, also justifying all the expenses incurred to develop the activities.