“Health Begins in the Mind” – a project implemented as part of public tasks commissioned by the City of Kielce for implementation by non-governmental organizations and other entities in the field of health protection and promotion. It is a series of meetings for young adults. We aim to professionally educate youth about mental health risks and methods to support their emotional well-being. The project will be implemented from June to November 2023. As part of the project, a series of 4 educational workshops for young people on the broad topic of mental health will be conducted.

During the meetings led by an educator and psychotherapist, young adults will have the opportunity to expand their knowledge about disorders (mainly related to lifestyle diseases; anxiety, depression, substance abuse-related, and personality disorders), their etiology and course (with a special emphasis on preventing self-harm and suicide), and when to seek help from a specialist (psychologist, psychiatrist, or psychotherapist). Participants will learn about the principles of providing psychological first aid, methods to prevent violence in close relationships, and relaxation techniques useful in case of escalating stress symptoms. During practical exercises, they will work on interpersonal communication (active listening, giving supportive messages, conflict resolution, assertive expression of opinions, setting boundaries), and experience the impact of relaxation techniques on well-being. In the individual modules we propose, up to 15 people can participate at a time, providing participants with an intimate atmosphere necessary for honest conversations about potentially challenging topics. In addition to open meetings, there will also be a series of 8 closed self-development workshops dedicated to recognizing and expressing emotions and in-depth work on interpersonal relationships. This stage of the project will be preceded by qualification for the group led by therapists, and its aim is to prevent the deepening of emotional crises. Up to 15 people can participate in the group each time, and this number is determined by the nature of therapeutic interventions and recommendations from specialists.

The overall project aims to shape attitudes conducive to the social integration of individuals experiencing crises of a psychological nature and organize educational and integrative meetings to exchange information on topics related to mental health issues.