The Regional Volunteer Centre Kielce recently concluded a transformative training course aimed at empowering youth workers and leaders to champion European Youth Goals in their communities. Held from February 9th to February 15th at the scenic Hotel Jodelka in Poland’s Swietokrzyskie Mountains, the course attracted participants from Spain, Croatia, Serbia, Georgia, Poland, Bulgaria, Ukraine, and Hungary.

The week-long program focused on familiarising participants with European Youth Goals, exploring their relevance to youth work, and providing practical tools for integration into daily practices. Through non-formal education methods, participants engaged in interactive sessions, discussions, and workshops led by experienced facilitators.

The multicultural environment fostered dynamic exchanges of ideas and experiences, enriching the learning journey for all involved. Participants left with a deeper understanding of European Youth Goals and concrete strategies for implementation.

Highlights of the course included networking opportunities, hands-on workshops, and case studies. Participants connected with peers from different countries, forging valuable relationships and laying the groundwork for future collaborations.

As the training concluded, participants departed with renewed enthusiasm and a commitment to driving positive change in their communities. Equipped with knowledge, skills, and a supportive network, they are poised to increase youth involvement in local and international projects, providing young people with more opportunities for growth and development.

The Regional Volunteer Centre Kielce’s training course exemplifies the power of collaboration and cross-cultural exchange in advancing youth empowerment and community development. By investing in youth leaders, we pave the way for a brighter, more inclusive future for Europe.