The project is implemented by RCW volunteers who are passionate about sports and a healthy lifestyle. Its goal is to collaborate with patients from the addiction center, during which they learn about tools used in sports and a healthy lifestyle that they can incorporate during and after therapy. Throughout the project, participants engage in a series of activities.

The actions complement therapy, aiming to help patients regulate emotions through sports and improve their physical condition, often deteriorated by substance abuse. The project addresses the common issue of obesity among patients. It also aims to instill a sports-oriented mindset in patients and guide them toward the principles of a healthy lifestyle so that after therapy, they discover a passion to sustain their abstinence.

Project objectives:

  1. Raise awareness within the initiative group about the difficulties faced by addicted individuals and those in recovery.
  2. Draw attention to the growing societal problem of drug addiction and dependencies. Participation in the project fosters solidarity.
  3. Provide patients at the addiction treatment center with tools used in sports and a healthy lifestyle, allowing, among other things, emotion regulation and the adoption of a healthy lifestyle.
  4. Through the project, patients will see that their difficulties do not define them as individuals, and they are respected despite their mistakes.
  5. Equalize access to physical activities under the guidance of a qualified team, as access to physical activities under an instructor often requires significant financial resources.
  6. Solidarity between volunteers and patients at the addiction treatment center through shared activities.
  7. Enable patients and volunteers to participate in high-quality training and workshops, acquiring new skills and competencies.
  8. Promote European values through the volunteers’ attitude, such as solidarity with those at risk or marginalized, equal opportunities for development, understanding, acceptance, and tolerance.