The “Poesia p’ra Todos” Association started as an open mic event to democratize access to free expression, encouraging poetry writing and creating informal sharing spaces. In addition to this event, “Poesia p’ra Todos” seeks to bring poetry to new places with projects such as the “mesa poética” (poetic table), to new languages with international projects, and new locations with our informal events. The association also aims to assist in the execution of projects related to poetry, being open to proposals from everyone!

Key Takeaways:

Open Microphone Event: It begins with the presentation of a guest poet who can present his work to the participants. All participants can take the stage to share their poems while being accompanied by a musician/band with their music. The key feature is that the microphone is open to anyone present, creating an inclusive environment to share emerging work.

Open Space: During the event there is a moment where the focus changes from poetry to another type of art (performance, theater, stand-up, painting, dance, etc…) where an artist is invited to share their work for 30 minutes or 1 time depending on needs. The inclusion of artists from different areas aims to bring together diverse people, encouraging the creation of new projects and interdisciplinary collaborations.

Non-Formal Education: During the event, the host conducts non-formal education exercises such as collective writing, pair writing and drawing. These exercises help create a comfortable and stimulating environment for the public, and each event will always be different and unexpected.

Everyone’s Poem: Participants have the opportunity to contribute to “everyone’s poem.” A sheet is circulated during the event, allowing each person to write a verse. This poem is then read to close the event, preferably by someone who did not take the stage during the activity, promoting community.

Visual Poem: A table is dedicated to visual poem, where participants are encouraged to draw freely during the event, offering a different form of artistic expression and allowing people with different skills and interests to participate.