Action Planning

Hello! The course is about to finish and we have a last assignment before moving to the evaluation of the course.  As attachment to this session, you find a document to download. There you can find six questions regarding MyNGO and your plans to integrate it in your organisation.  Take your time to answer the […]


Assignment Objective: Discover and experiment with advanced features in Mentimeter to enhance your interactive presentations. Instructions: Feature Exploration: Log in to your Mentimeter account and navigate to one of your presentations. Time-Controlled Slide: Create a time-controlled slide that automatically progresses after a specific time interval. Result Moderation: Add an open-ended question slide and enable response […]

Analyzing responses

Assignment Objective: Practice analyzing audience responses to improve future presentations. Instructions: Presentation Choice: Select a presentation you’ve created using Mentimeter. Access Response Data: Log in to your Mentimeter account and navigate to the presentation you’ve chosen. Analyze Responses: Examine the response data collected from interactive elements like polls, quizzes, and word clouds. a. Graphs and […]

Delivering a Live Presentation

Assignment Objective: Practice presenting live using Mentimeter’s interactive features. Instructions: Choose a Topic: Select a topic that you’re comfortable presenting about. It could be related to your interests, a hobby, or a general subject. Create Presentation: Prepare a short presentation with 5 slides: a. Introduction: Start with a title slide introducing your topic and briefly […]

Designing Slides and Interactivity

Assignment Objective: Create an engaging interactive presentation using design principles and interactive elements. Instructions: Topic: Select a new topic for this presentation. Slides: Create a presentation with 6 slides: a. Visual Appeal: Customize backgrounds, colors, and fonts on 3 slides. b. Engaging Elements: Include a poll, quiz, and word cloud slide. c. Slide Customization: Add […]

Creating Presentations

Assignment Objective: Create a simple interactive presentation using Mentimeter. Instructions: Topic: Choose a topic you’re familiar with for your presentation. Slides: Create a presentation with at least 5 slides: a. Dashboard Navigation: Take a screenshot of the Mentimeter dashboard. b. Presentation Setup: Create a title slide for your presentation. c. Customizing Slides: Design two slides […]

Getting Started

Assignment Objective: Create your Mentimeter account and explore subscription options. Instructions: Account Creation: Sign up for a free Mentimeter account if you don’t have one. Exploration: Log in to your account and explore the different subscription plans available. Reflection: Write a short paragraph (50-100 words) about the benefits you see in having a Mentimeter account […]

Virtual Learning Project Development Template – Group Collaboration and Planning

ASSIGNMENT: Project Plan Development: Your assignment for this lesson is to work with your group to develop a comprehensive project plan for your virtual learning project. Use the knowledge and insights gained from the presentation and examples to guide your planning process. Fill in the Project Plan Template: We will provide you with a project […]

Exploring Virtual Learning Projects

ASSIGNMENT For the assignment in this lesson, you will be tasked with completing a Padlet activity. The Padlet will serve as an interactive platform where you will collaboratively identify, categorize, and discuss the key elements observed in the virtual learning project showcases. The additional resources provided in the lesson will greatly support your analysis and […]

MYNGO in Practice

Hi! Today we are going to get a little bit more into practice about the main features of the platform. You are expected to have the assignment ready by the next synchronous session. We ask you to complete the following tasks: Create your profile and populate it with relevant content Create a profile for a […]