Have you heard of Monday.com?

Monday.com is a cloud-based platform that allows users to create their own applications and project management software. Ok, what? Let’s try again with some more words.

Monday.com is a platform that support teams with their workflow and manage projects. The goal of this platform is to simplify the work by creating helpful tools and applications.

It started as a collaboration but now Monday.com calls itself a work operating system (Work OS). The platform helps people shape workflows using existing templates or building yours from scratch.

What is Monday.com used for?

Well, the right question would be what is Monday.com not used for?

With the platform you can work with your team on any type of project, keeping track of tasks, communication, outputs, timeline… The tool is so customizable that allows basically anyone to work on anything, with style. It has the possibility of building custom applications for any workflow.

Which are the pros of Monday.com?


Every organization is different, even within an organization, teams have different requirements to complete  tasks in the best way possible. Flexibility makes Monday.com one of the most valuable tools that fit your needs, and you can create custom workflows according to them. The software can be adapted for all types of projects and teams and be useful in all cases.


Monday.com is a visual platform, that’s why it’s so easy to use for any organization. It can be frustrating to deal with tasks and timelines, and the dashboard of the platform allows a very easy navigation. Simple and powerful.

Monday.com uses a color-coding scheme to visualize projects and track progresses, allowing you to have an overview on all the information you need. You can also switch board views as you prefer. Whether you prefer the traditional spreadsheets view or something else like Kanban boards, map views, and charts, with all the information you need right there.

Cooperation and Communication

Organizations often find themselves facing the collaboration between teams or departments. A lot of people working on one project means a lot of communication and the possibility of misunderstanding. Getting everyone on the same page can be an issue.

Monday.com helps to deal with such situation, serving as a cooperative platform and as a communication platform. It helps to reduce communications among team mates, everyone will be able to see what everyone else is working on, reducing the need of meetings and updates.

Great Analytics

With this platform you can always have an overview of the ongoing project while creating analytics and reports with just one click. Monday.com provides easily very important insights on progresses, performances, budgets and much more

Yeah, great, but how much?

There is a free version, but it has so limited features that very few people can find it useful. There is a 14 days trial for people interested in trying it out. Those are the other plans:

  • The Basic Plan – $8/user/month (total $24/month billed annually): With this plan, you get access to tools and features for managing projects and collaborating with your team using boards, columns, and whiteboards. Your number of dashboards is limited to one but you get no automation or integration with this plan.
  • The Standard Plan – $10/user/month (total $30/month billed annually): It’s the most popular plan for teams that need more automation and integration capabilities. In addition, you also get more storage space (up to 20GB compared to 5GB for the free plan) and up to 5 dashboards.
  • Pro Plan – $16/user/month ($48/month billed annually): The pro plan is for data-oriented teams that want to work on complex team workflows. With this plan, you get access to charts and other analytics tools. You also get access to more automation and integration actions (up to 250,000 per month)

What do you think of Monday.com?

Did you decided to give to Monday.com a try or you think it wouldn’t help you? We know that adding a platform to your organization and convince everyone to use it can be challenging. If you have some questions or want to get in contact with us for any reasons, feel free to do that filling in the contact form below.