Badgecraft: An online tool for recognition and learning

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About Course

Welcome to “Badgecraft: An online tool for recognition and learning” This course is designed to provide you with an understanding of the Badgecraft platform and how digital badges can enhance recognition of skills and achievements in various settings. Whether you’re an educator, a trainer, an NGO worker, or a volunteer, this course will show you how to use digital badges to motivate, engage, and recognise accomplishments.

Course Objectives:

– Understand the concept and significance of digital badging.
– Learn how to create, issue, and manage digital badges using Badgecraft.
– Explore the benefits of Badgecraft for different stakeholders, including educational institutions, organisations, and NGOs.
– Gain practical knowledge through real-world case studies and applications.

Course Structure:

The course is divided into 8 modules, each focusing on different aspects of Badgecraft and its uses. Each module contains a mix of instructional content, practical examples, and interactive activities to reinforce learning.

What You Will Learn:

– The basics of Badgecraft and the digital badging world.
– How to design custom digital badges.
– Steps to issue and manage badges efficiently.
– Strategies to maximise the benefits of digital badges for various purposes.

Let’s Get Started!

Now that you know what to expect, let’s dive into the exciting world of Badgecraft and digital badging. Begin by moving to Module 1, where we will explore what Badgecraft is and the fundamental concepts of digital badging. Happy learning!

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Course Content

Badgecraft Overview

  • Badgecraft Overview: What, Who, When, Where
  • Benefits of Badgecraft for Workers and International NGOs
  • How Workers and International NGOs Can Use Badgecraft
  • Using Badgecraft with Volunteers
  • Benefits of Badgecraft for Erasmus+

Understanding Badgecraft

Getting Started with Badgecraft
Module 3: Getting Started with Badgecraft 3.1 Creating an Account Step-by-step guide to creating a Badgecraft account Setting up organisational and individual profiles 3.2 Exploring the Dashboard Overview of the Badgecraft user interface Key functionalities and navigation tips

Using Badgecraft

Benefits of Badgecraft for Different Stakeholders
For Educational Institutions: - Enhancing student engagement and learning outcomes - Recognising formal and informal learning achievements For Organisations and Businesses: - Professional development and employee motivation - Standardising skill recognition and training For NGOs and Volunteer Organisations: - Recognising volunteer contributions and skills - Improving volunteer engagement and retention - Recognising formal and informal learning achievements

Best Practices and Future Trends

Conclusion and Next Steps

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